Changing Cambodia / Year 2

“There are so many thieves in Cambodia. Trees have been cutting down by the human. People aren’t showing their integrity to the world. They do not study hard for their education, and don’t use the creative thing that they have to change the country”.

Those ideas pop in my mind since before Chinese new year. Before Chinese new year, I thought about change agent in Cambodia, and I had an idea about the six core values in Liger. I spoke with myself that, if I used those six core values to change Cambodia it might help to change Cambodia a lot. Those six core values are Integrity, Ingenuity, Determination, Optimism, Stewardship, and appreciation.

Integrity is part of the six core values. Most of the people in Cambodia aren’t showing their integrity even boys or girl, men or women, and old or young.  It happens to everywhere around Cambodia such as school, market, and in the community. Why? Because in the school students are cheating when there’s a test or a dictation. In the market sellers aren’t sell the number of people buy, the seller always drops the number of people buy, and sell the low qualities to people. Also within the neighborhood that lives close to each other, and always cheat on the land, and don’t to the integrity of the actual land that they have. Moreover in the community people always lose their money, pets, and more stuff. Why? Because there are some thieves that steal people’s things. They don’t own they own money from their energy or from efforts. If this action still continues doing, Cambodia won’t have any change because some people work hard, but some people just stole thing that people work hard for.

Second is Ingenuity. A lot of people don’t use their ingenuity or their creative way to create a good product for the country. For instance, people don’t use what they have to create something useful such as water bottle, plastic bags, and other more plastic. They always collect those things to burn it. They don’t even know a lot about what they can create out of that thing. For the good thing for those bottle or plastic bags can turn to many useful things such as boats from the plastic water bottle, pencil case, umbrella, and more useful things to create. If they think that they can turn those things into something useful for them, they don’t have to spend a lot of money, and we spend some of the income to change or develop Cambodia.

A third is a Determination. As you can see people are cheating on their learning. They don’t even know what would the result going to be. They don’t put a lot of effort into studying, but they put more effort into gambling. Why I said that? As my real experience during every school break. Most of the student in my village always playing a card and stole money to play. For the study, they just gave money to the teacher to bribe the teacher for a high score. I used to tell them a few time to, that if you still bribe the teacher for the high score, what about when you take a test at other schools, what the result would be. Even though I told them a few time they don’t really listen and they still continue the action. So for this paragraph,  I want all of the Cambodian studies to put more effort for their learning, and I try the best to reach the future, even though when you always bribe teacher for the high score, so your future would be dark, and no one wants to work for their company.

Fourth is Optimism, most people in Cambodia don’t have a really good thinking, because when they are sad, they don’t do some good thing and have fun with their friends, they just stay in the room even their family called them for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They don’t even know how worse it is when they just stay in the room without eating anything and seeing the green of nature. So in this text, I want people to change their habit of hiding them self when they are sad to go and play with their friends and have fun with each other.

Fifth is Stewardship, people keep their house messy, keep their staff uncarefully, and always through the plastic by the road, and don’t clean the environment where they have been going. They don’t really think about the environment of Cambodia at all. They don’t even think what would happen if the environment is don’t clean. The main thing is that Cambodia would decrease tourist, the environment is increasing, and Cambodia would get less money for developing Cambodia economy. So this text shows people and encourages people to keep the environment clean, and when we go somewhere, and when we leave that place we should clean it, and make more beautiful and we first come.

Finally is Appreciation, high study student does not appreciate the low study student Cambodia. They never encourage the low study student to try to study harder and harder. For rich people mostly they looking down to poor people, they don’t even appreciate what poor people and rich people only know about the modern staff and without looking outside the world.

To summarize that six reasons and that people should take the six core value for their life such as Integrity, Ingenuity, Stewardship, Appreciation, Optimism, and Determination. If people just respect one of this core value, we can change our country, and develop our country easily.


About me

My name is Kimhor Bun. I am named by my grandmother, and it means ( Golden Flowers ) in Chinese. I’m a 13 years old boy. I was born in Thailand ( Bangkok ) but I am Cambodian. I live in Kampong Chhnang province which also borders with Capital city ( Phnom Penh ) in Cambodia. There are 6 members in the family, but I live with my grandmother because my parents they are working in Thailand. Nowadays I live, eat, and study in “ Liger Leadership Academy ”. This is my third year of study in Liger. Mostly I do not really believe in any of the religion, what I believe is I believe in myself. In class, I like science and math. My favorite sport is Frisbee and Swimming. My favorite color is yellow, because stand for proud of myself, and happy.

Basically, I describe myself in six words, which in each word start the letter of my name. Which are show the reality of my life? Those six words are Karate, Ignoring, motivation, happiness, optimism, and represent. Those six pop in my brain when I get to study in Liger because to impress of myself to others people. There are 8000 students that get to the exam, but there only 60 people who passed the exam, and I am one of the students that get to study at “ Liger Leadership Academy ”. Moreover, there are three students in my province including me. They are all my friends and we know each other since before we came to Liger.

Karate. On weekend there is a class call karate, and I always join, because I want to learn all of the steps that have in karate. Also, I want to keep my health healthy, and strong. It is also can help me to prevent others people who want to do something unusual to me. Moreover, it kind of sport that I am passionate about. There nine colors of a belt that represents from beginner to an expert such as White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, red, brown, and black. I am now in the White color because I just learn it for about 1 year.

Ignoring, Optimism, I am always ignoring all of the hard things, that I am facing in school. I just push myself toward to get the good result. I never think that I can’t do that thing. I always say to myself that, I need to push myself up. I ignore all of the pain that I have and work hard to get a good consequence.

Motivation, I am a person who always has a reason for something. Everything that I like or fight for, I always have a strong reason for why I do that. People around said that I am motivative. For school work or housework, I take it serious that make it done for school. I never give in my life.

Happy, happy is what everybody has. Happy having everywhere. I am always happy. I always happy with everyone around. I enjoy with my class, friends, and people around me happy. I am happy with what people enjoy, and of what people feeling good about. I always make people laugh, happy, and good feeling.

Finally, represent, When I am going to somewhere, I always represent my school, country, family, and myself. My action does not make people think something bad about my school, country, or family. When I go somewhere, I always make people feeling good, and want to know more about my school, and want to more information about where I am from.

You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength and say, I’m proud of what I am and who I am.

Thank you for reading my portfolio. I hope you enjoy, good luck.