Learning in class

                                   What is Outdoor Leadership? Outdoor Leadership mean, to lead yourself or others while your are outdoor. Also to lead your life or to survive in the wood. In our Outdoor Leadership exploration we have five core value for our Exploration that we need to follow for the rest of our exploration. Those five core values are Respect, Determination, Learning, Problem solver, and Encouragement.      Those five core values can lead our exploration successful for our trip. Also we have a poster with those five core values with our hand sign to promise that we will follow the core values and bring the good to the whole exploration. However in class, we also learn about risk management, CPR ( chest compression ), and first aids. We had spent a lot of time working together about those thing. What are risk management? The risk management are identify, access, control, and review. In class we had divided into group and define the risk that we might face during the trip, and how we can control the risk.Next thing, we had learn about first aids. Why did we learn about first? We learned about first aids, because we don’t what would happen during our trip, and what can we do help them, and how can we help people while they are facing the emergency injure.. Especially we learned about chest compression, and counting our heartbeat. We had divided into different group again, and we had did the chest compression with our partner and checking our partner heartbeat. Last but not least, our teacher chose four students to do the workshop with our Liger students.

Finally our workshop or our exploration Outdoor leadership might inspire other Cambodian people to have them self outdoor.