No single-use of plastic in Liger

In this first exploration of the year, the No single-use of plastic in Liger, focus on stop using plastic straw, and plastic bags. For the first few weeks we working on researching about straw, and bag. We found a lot of disadvantages of straw and bag. We were working in a group to find the solution for our school Liger. We research in a group and found a lot of alternative straw, and bag. For the straw such as Paper straw, Bamboo straw, and metal straw. For the bags such as cassava bags, and paper bags. On the fifth week of the exploration, we found the store that sells drink with grass straw. We went to the store and interview the seller about the grass straw. We got a lot of idea of how the grass straw is work. After week and week of exploration we bought 200 hundred straws and bags to give everyone in Liger each, so everyone would stop using plastic straw, and bag. 

One might not change, but together it changes.