Intro to Agebra

          Final round of the year, students get really busy in their work, everyone need to be focus more on their studying since the lesson getting harder and harder throughout each term and each year. In this ultimately term of the school year, in math class getting complicated everyday in every term. Homework get into a pile, put lots of effort to get and really understand the concept in order to comprehensive our tasks. In this excite part of our students ever is we are inaugural to Pre-algebra. Algebra is a part of mathematics in which letter or others general symbols are used to symbolize numbers and quantities in formulae and equation. Algebra is built on experiences with numbers and operations, along with geometry and data analysis. Most of the students think that algebra is like learning another language. This is true to a small extent, algebra is a simple language used to solve problems that can not be solved by numbers alone. Generally, When I started learn algebra at the first time and I think from what I have learn from math class this algebra would the hardest part for me, even though my teacher explain very and slowly. In this case is because my English second language, because I have not done algebra in my first official language too. So, this might be one of the challenge that i still need to commit myself. Furthermore, after a few days of learning and studying about algebra, I am willing and love to learn and study about algebra. After taking few days of exploring in Khan Academy, I understood a lot of the good concept interesting be able to share and guide others people too. Beforehand, there are a lot of objection that I face before I execute the lesson which are struggle understand language, new skills to learn, upper mathematics  lesson…etc. But those struggle should not be the problems that eradicate yours determined, but you need some time to study and understand about it.

To end this paragraph, I would like to encourage all of you guys to be determined and fight through those struggle and not efficiently give up from your hard working.



In this particular round, in math class we studied three different Singapore curriculum book which is 5A, 6A and 6B, but we were more likely focusing angles and different name of angles. In this unit I learned and getting a lot of about angle and how to measure angle in different way. There are five different types of angles such as acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, straight angle and reflex angle. Acute angle is an angle that the measurement start from add up to 89°. Right angle is an angle that is exactly 90°. Obtuse angle is an angles that start from 91° add up to 179°. Straight angle is an angles that is exactly 180°. Finally reflex angle is an angles that start from 181° to 360°. For this unit I won’t talk about how to measure or how to draw and give example about those beautiful angle. So, for this unit I tell you about my experience of how its can applies to our daily life.

Angle and line are geometry and algebra, many materials and building and shape are using angles lines. We can use angle and line to measure how many degree of your house, pen, pencil, book, room…etc. Others important things about angles and lines is, people use angle and line build house, apartment and garden and people use that angle and line to measure the exactly side of the side to others side of your process. Especially itis very useful to engineer to their maps for building.

Generally, angle is very useful to everyone even though it is difficult to measure, but it still cool to use those angles and line. However, In this unit I felt I had learned a lot about different angles and how can everyone applies those skill to their daily life.


Almost at the end of the second round of the year, In math class we had learned about Ratio. What does ratio mean? Ratio mean to compare the number of something to the number of something. 

Example: If I want to compare boys, and girls students. I know that, there are 110 students in Liger with equally same amount of gender. If it is same amount of boys to girls, I know that, there are 55 boys, 55 girls. To ratio the number of boys to girls is 55 to 55 or 55:55, which both can be use. When we do the ratio, we need to you the number of something to the number of others thing. 

Ratio can do with more object, not just two object. It can be three, four, five or many object. d

Example: Engtieng has $5, Cheata has $4, David has $6, and Visal has $2. Why the ratio of Engtieng, Cheata, David, and Visal money. So we need to put in order list the amount of money down. Ratio of the money is 5:4:6:2, which 5 to 4 to 6 to 2. 


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First school year learning 5 A math. We learn about fraction, decimal, rounded, and whole number. Also we focus on word problem. By the time pass by, Sam teach us about algebra. It was very hard for everyone and for me. I am struggle with it and mess it up all in my mind. Next day I still wanted to learn algebra again and again. I tied to ask teacher, and watch the strategy of the algebra. When got to know some basic of algebra, I always want Sam to put me a easy algebra homework. After I top it into my mind I wanted Sam to put me a hard algebra again. I figured it out, I always try to find algebra work in google. One day when I got into math class, Jeff.b put me a very hard algebra for me that I ever met. I try to solve it, but I can’t. I told him that I can’t solve it, and then he told me how to solve it. After he told the strategy I gave my another algebra problem, and finally I could solve it easily. 

If you try hard, you could make it easily.