About me

My name is Kimhor Bun. I am named by my grandmother, and it means ( Golden Flowers ) in Chinese. I’m a 13 years old boy. I was born in Thailand ( Bangkok ) but I am Cambodian. I live in Kampong Chhnang province which also borders with Capital city ( Phnom Penh ) in Cambodia. There are 6 members in the family, but I live with my grandmother because my parents they are working in Thailand. Nowadays I live, eat, and study in “ Liger Leadership Academy ”. This is my third year of study in Liger. Mostly I do not really believe in any of the religion, what I believe is I believe in myself. In class, I like science and math. My favorite sport is Frisbee and Swimming. My favorite color is yellow, because stand for proud of myself, and happy.

Basically, I describe myself in six words, which in each word start the letter of my name. Which are show the reality of my life? Those six words are Karate, Ignoring, motivation, happiness, optimism, and represent. Those six pop in my brain when I get to study in Liger because to impress of myself to others people. There are 8000 students that get to the exam, but there only 60 people who passed the exam, and I am one of the students that get to study at “ Liger Leadership Academy ”. Moreover, there are three students in my province including me. They are all my friends and we know each other since before we came to Liger.

Karate. On weekend there is a class call karate, and I always join, because I want to learn all of the steps that have in karate. Also, I want to keep my health healthy, and strong. It is also can help me to prevent others people who want to do something unusual to me. Moreover, it kind of sport that I am passionate about. There nine colors of a belt that represents from beginner to an expert such as White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, red, brown, and black. I am now in the White color because I just learn it for about 1 year.

Ignoring, Optimism, I am always ignoring all of the hard things, that I am facing in school. I just push myself toward to get the good result. I never think that I can’t do that thing. I always say to myself that, I need to push myself up. I ignore all of the pain that I have and work hard to get a good consequence.

Motivation, I am a person who always has a reason for something. Everything that I like or fight for, I always have a strong reason for why I do that. People around said that I am motivative. For school work or housework, I take it serious that make it done for school. I never give in my life.

Happy, happy is what everybody has. Happy having everywhere. I am always happy. I always happy with everyone around. I enjoy with my class, friends, and people around me happy. I am happy with what people enjoy, and of what people feeling good about. I always make people laugh, happy, and good feeling.

Finally, represent, When I am going to somewhere, I always represent my school, country, family, and myself. My action does not make people think something bad about my school, country, or family. When I go somewhere, I always make people feeling good, and want to know more about my school, and want to more information about where I am from.

You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength and say, I’m proud of what I am and who I am.

Thank you for reading my portfolio. I hope you enjoy, good luck.