Subsequently, The year fourth of the Liger Leadership Academy had started, and begin with the first round of the new year. This school year, we focus on our English skills, our attitude, and competency as also as the first year of diploma. Throughout the round, in STEM class, we learned about life science which we focused on cell building block, structure and how it functions in both prokaryotic (unicellular cell) cell and eukaryotic cell (multicellular cell). For this round of the year compared to the last two years, I felt I had grown so much as a student, understanding the key concept, and having the ability to focus in class. For the last two years, I also took STEM class and learned about earth science. I felt I contributed two years learning nothing in class and felt bored while studying. The topic that my teacher was teaching is not interesting for me plus the way he taught in class is not understandable for me to learn from him and how he performs in class doesn’t engage me much. So, all the topics and lessons that I learned from him the last two years I didn’t understand much just like I heard from my right ear and get out through my left ear. 

       For this year, I expect that in STEM class, I might learn nothing from him again; oppositely I learned so much and understand a lot about the concepts and the lesson that he taught me. That could come from two reasons that I think of. The first reason is I love life science, which might motivate me and inspire me to focus more in class. My second reason might be from the way he taught in class because he brought a lot of new materials and many different more ways that kept the students including me to feel engage in class and focus on the lesson. He taught the class from watching the video which kept the students involved in the learning process. He lets us read from CK12 and different resources and lets us share what we had learned to the whole class, which kept the students to remember more about the lesson and the keys concept. He ‘s also giving a clear explanation about the lesson and lets us try a different experiment that kept the students engaged in class. However, I had grown a lot as one of the Liger Leadership Academy students on many different skills from only this one class (STEM). I learned to be focused and pay attention in class while the teacher is explaining. I learned to understand different techniques I need to use to be an active student in a class. I had learned how to help each other in class when someone gets the struggle. An overall, I learned a lot from this class and I appreciate the way my teacher kept the students learn in class and how he helps the students to learn a different topic and he tried to give clear explanations for the students to certainly understand about the concept. 

      Afresh, I appreciate my STEM teacher and I want to say thank you for bringing and helping me to learn so much about the lesson, including teaching and driving me to be one of the students in his STEM class. 


Quote: Study is not 100 percent teacher dependent, It is yours 50 percent to fill the 100 percent. ( Kimhor )


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