Cambodian Youth Outdoor Leadership Program

     A person being an Outdoor Leader means a lot of loving and taking responsibility for the care of nature, appreciate the beauties of the creatures, wildlife, and the green of the world. It also means leading and supervising your peers and yourself to be a leader of an Outdoor, and have a deep understanding of nature. Nature indicates lots of dedication to me; appreciated with love, enroll of nature’s needs, protect, and fill nature with our kindness as their assistance of life. Beforehand, I lived in the province of Kampong Chhnang, which is full of beautiful mountains and forests that need our help. Of course, at that time I didn’t even know what nature meant to me, and I didn’t care much and was oblivious to those problems that had happened to nature. Fortunately, I am inclined to experience the wildlife which I got to explore different beautiful species of nature that held it by “Liger Leadership Academy”; on a project called Outdoor Leadership Exploration, which motivated me to inspire other Cambodian students. 

     Talking about Cambodian Youth Outdoor Leadership Program is a program that had been given to me by “Liger Leadership Academy”. The ambition of this program is to empower Cambodian youth to be outdoor leaders and environmental stewards by introducing them to natural spaces, raising awareness of conservation threats, and nurturing the passion and skills needed to positively impact their communities. 

     To create the impact for Cambodian youth, our group program had been working very hard together and came up with the idea of creating the workshop for Cambodian youth plus an outdoor trip in a goal to let them explore more about nature and having experience of visualizing the beauty of nature as they are our participants. In this case, we act in an important role as facilitators to facilitate them through different skills and techniques that they needed to be an Outdoor Leader. 

     Having the participants attend our workshop, we have reviewed our past lessons and skills that we have learned from our facilitators, and finalized with four skills: Leadership and Community-Building, Medical and Risk Management, Nature Appreciation and Wilderness Skills. We initiated those four skills to allow our participants to learn basic skills of being outdoors, and what are needed while outdoors. These four skills have three different facilitators that will facilitate the participants as I am facilitating the participants in what Leadership and Community-building is. Out of these processes, I have learned and improved on many skills. I learned how to create good lessons for teaching or facilitating on different lessons, and be organized on my plan. Moreover, I learned the different perspectives of leaders, and the different types of leadership styles that I could apply in different circumstances. 

     Improving my skills is very essential, but my impact is more important for this Outdoor Program. I could create an impact for a multitude of Cambodian Youth to change their perspective of nature and to spread the word of appreciating the importance of nature

     To see the potential impact for this program, we all as Cambodians should consider the consequence of destroying nature, and take the impact from this program to be spread to your friends, family, and communities to start standing out of their fear and raising awareness of the environmental and nature problem; by being a good model of showing your love, and your appreciation to nature for creating a brighter future our green Cambodia. 


Quote: Appreciating nature, is appreciating your homes. 




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