Improving Skills

              Students goes to school for study, people studied to learn new skills, experience, patience, and new lessons for their own life. In technology/multimedia class, for this unit we did a review about skills that we had learned from the past four terms of the school year in Liger, which we had learned a lot of skills and lessons such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Python, Storytelling and more useful lessons that we can operate in our daily life. Our technology/multimedia facilitator assigned us to choose one skill that we had learned from the past to review and create some outcome. For, I chose to work on Photoshop because when we learned about Photoshop I didn’t understand much about the concept and didn’t know how to use it properly. So, I chose this condition because I can learn more on my own to understand more clearly and briefly deep into the lesson. Before I started to work on Photoshop, I had watched a video about how to double picture in Photoshop and how to add and create more feathers on the picture. After I watched the video I tried myself doubling the picture in Photoshop and tried to create an appealing picture as nice as I tried my best to commit the picture. During my work, there are lots of challenges that block my path throughout my process. One of my biggest challenges on the course is remembering, while I was creating the product I couldn’t really remember the step that shown in the video, So I got mess with my picture and I have to recreated. Although, there are lots of challenges but those challenges help to me learn from my mistake and teach of life le

sson, because every action that we take is problematic. Permanently, this review help me to remember lesson that I learned about the Photoshop from the past terms and it guided me to learn new skills on Photoshop, and I think I deserve this prodigious project to preserve it in my life lesson.


This is the outcomemy creation: 

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