In this particular round, in math class we studied three different Singapore curriculum book which is 5A, 6A and 6B, but we were more likely focusing angles and different name of angles. In this unit I learned and getting a lot of about angle and how to measure angle in different way. There are five different types of angles such as acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, straight angle and reflex angle. Acute angle is an angle that the measurement start from add up to 89°. Right angle is an angle that is exactly 90°. Obtuse angle is an angles that start from 91° add up to 179°. Straight angle is an angles that is exactly 180°. Finally reflex angle is an angles that start from 181° to 360°. For this unit I won’t talk about how to measure or how to draw and give example about those beautiful angle. So, for this unit I tell you about my experience of how its can applies to our daily life.

Angle and line are geometry and algebra, many materials and building and shape are using angles lines. We can use angle and line to measure how many degree of your house, pen, pencil, book, room…etc. Others important things about angles and lines is, people use angle and line build house, apartment and garden and people use that angle and line to measure the exactly side of the side to others side of your process. Especially itis very useful to engineer to their maps for building.

Generally, angle is very useful to everyone even though it is difficult to measure, but it still cool to use those angles and line. However, In this unit I felt I had learned a lot about different angles and how can everyone applies those skill to their daily life.

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