Ecotourism report

In this round, I got an exploration called Ecotourism which we are planning to create an ecotourism in Preah Vihear, which an indigenous community. During the exploration, We had interviewed a lots of tourists in Phnom Penh to know about their interest about ecotourism and we got a very good result. Not just interview the tourist we also tried to contact to tour company about the ecotourism and if the ecotourism site created will they bring their customer to visit or not. Last but not least, we had prepared some question to ask villager in the location that we want to create an ecotourism and we also got a very good result and they are excited to have an ecotourism site in their Community. Here are some report of our data collection:

Research Method, Collecting data/conducting survey Report



  • Research Method (How do we do research?)


      • We do sampling with:
        • The villagers families population
        • The amount of tourists that come to Cambodia per year
      • Survey questions:
        • Google forms:
          • Tourists
          • Villager
          • Tour company
        • Paper form interview:
          • Villagers
          • Tourists
          • Tour company
      • Interview:
        • Face to face
          • Villagers
          • Tourists
          • Tour company
        • Through phone
          • Hotels
          • Tour company


  • Collecting data/conducting survey (How do we collecting data/conducting survey?)


    • Conducting the survey:
  • Interview with tourists
  • Interview tourists at Hotel
  • Interview Tour Companies


  • Collecting data


      • Villager
      • Tourist
      • Tour companies


Survey question:     

Having the right process of our research method, our group has created survey question forms for tourists (our target customers) and villagers and tour company, on the purpose of seeking for their interest, more details about their traveling(tourists), to know their opinion about their community(villagers), and to know about their interest in taking customers to the site(tour company). To be convenience for us to collect and calculate all of those data, we created those survey questions as Google forms.


Tourists: Basically, our main goal for the tourist survey questions is to ask,  If there’s an ecotourism site that supports indigenous community and wildlife on the loop to Angkor Wat temple, Preah temple, and Sambor Prei Kuk temple, would they like to visit? Therefore, it’s not just that question, we also included the following questions such as

  1. The activities they like to involve – to know which activities we should offer
  2. Their age – to know the target age group
  3. The price that suitable for them – to arrange the best price for customer
  4. The hotel they are staying – to know where we can advertise our site once we have created
  5. How they choose a visiting place – to get the idea of promoting (Internet, Social media..)
  6. How many people tourist usually travel with? – to know how many people are willing come to our site
  7. Type of tour they are taking (individual, package tour) – to know which type of tour is our target customers
  8. Recommendation – to get suggestions to make our site better
  9. Contact from tourists – to contact them later once we actually create our site

The result of the date that we interviewed 255 foreigners shown that 82.5% of them are willing to support indigenous community, but just 6.3%  of them are not. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to visit and support indigenous community but most of them said that they don’t have enough time to visit and it is too far from their place.


Villagers: For the villagers, We went to their community and interviewed each family. Before we do our interview, we did a presentation to the villagers about what is ecotourism, the advantages of having the site and give some examples of the ecotourism place. Our main purpose is to know if they want us to create an ecotourism site in their community. We also included some of the following questions such as:

  1. Their job – To put as an activity for tourist to explore.
  2. Their skills – To know any special talents, we can use to offer the tourists service
  3. Their education level – to know if some of the villagers can be the tour guide
  4. What do they think if there are some tourist come the visit their house – to know the feeling of the villagers
  5. What do they think if we create an Ecotourism at their community – To know their opinion if they agree or disagree
  6. What are the advantages of creating an Ecotourism site – To know if they think Ecotourism could bring them any advantages
  7. What are the problems that can affect them – To know if they think there are any effects
  8. The potential pace in community – To know if there any potential places for the site
  9. Electricity/water – To see if they have enough water or Electricity or not, If we can create an Ecotourism, it could support them to get Electricity and water.

After we interview villagers, we put data in google form and we analyzed data and we saw that over 90% willing to have an ecotourism site in their community and less and 5% who feel the answer with maybe, so which mean that most of the people in the village are willing to involve in creating ecotourism in their community to protect wildlife animals and forests, also to get some benefits for the community.


Tour Company: For tour company, we have created a form to ask the company some questions related to our plan, because in order to create an ecotourism site we need to know where will the tourists come from which company do they take for tour. So this tour company question is also help us in order to run our ecotourism site. One of the main question that we ask is if there an ecotourism site in Preah Vihear province that indigenous people and to protect wildlife animals and forests, will you take your customer to visit.

        Well after reading the report above you might get some knowledge about our exploration and I hope you enjoy reading that. Beside that I also a lots of new skill that I can apply to my real lives such market research, stand out of comfort zone…etc. I really, really enjoy with that exploration and I hope the project will be successful. 


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